Attention Men who are ready to Lean Down and Muscle Up… 
"Finally! Discover How German Body Composition Training is The Fastest Body Recomposition System To Help Men (Who Have Zero Interest In Cardio)
 Burn Up To 30 Pounds Of Fat While Muscling Up
in Less Than 3 Months!

These Simple & Effective 45 Minute Body Recomposition Routines Deliver 
Life-Changing Results To Show Off A Strong, Confident And
Attractive Physique Like Nothing Else!

Introducing WBFF Pro, Rob Piscitello's
"12 Week GBC Method To
Lean Down & Muscle Up”
Burn Up To 30 Pounds Of Fat While Building Slabs of Lean Muscle
in Less Than 3 Months… WITHOUT Cardio!
Here's what you get 
  • 12 Weeks of Carefully Crafted, Easy to Follow Workout Programs -  Train using full body routines to maximize fat loss and muscle building! Over the course of 12 weeks, you will go through 3 separate and different 4-week training phases. There are 2 programs to choose from depending on your skill level. In total you have 24 weeks of workouts!
  • Quick Start Guide - A step by step guide telling you exactly what to do to ensure you get killer results over the next 12 weeks.
  • Nutrition Guide - Learn EXACTLY how to structure your nutrition so you build rock hard muscle, shred fat, and maximize your hormones! I show you in depth how to determine your body fat levels, calculate your calories ands macros, structure your diet, give you food lists, and so much more! 
  • Supplement Guide - This guide will show you research-supported supplements to accelerate your body composition goals and maximize your growth hormone output - your most potent fat burning hormone. I tell you exactly what to take to maximize your results and your budget.
  • Training Journal - A dedicated journal for you to document your progress on a weekly basis so you ensure every week you get stronger and more conditioned!
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From The Desk of WBFF Pro Fitness Model Rob Piscitello
RE: Lose belly fat fast
Dear men who are ready to lean down and muscle up,
If you want to have chiseled muscle, razor sharp abs, become a chick magnet, or even if you just want to finally demand more respect and authority with your physique, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!
Here's why…

It’s Not Your Fault that you’re still puny and pudgy….
You have been lied to by the fitness industry!
The billion dollar health and fitness industry has fed you:

Unrealistic promises, wimpy training programs, metabolism wrecking cardio prescriptions, watered down supplements, and unsustainable diets.

Outside of that, you are left getting advice from wet-behind-the-ear personal trainers that average just 6-12 months in the fitness industry, or even worse, some roided up Instagram “Online Coach”
Use GBC to Lose Fat and Build Muscle
the Right Way…
GBC flies in the face of everything you’ve heard from inexperienced coaches, fitness magazines, and gimmick-based workout programs that advise you to do the following…  
  • Do a typical “bro” split routine (aka Chest on Monday, Legs on Tuesday, Shoulders on Wednesday, Back on Thursday, Biceps/Triceps on Friday)
  • Do 30 minutes of cardio directly after your weights
  • Do high reps and lights weights
  • Take long rest periods to ensure full recovery
  • Do random supersets and exercise sequences
  • Do only 3 sets of 10-12 reps per exercise group
  • Only train each muscle group 1x/week
  • Follow starvation diets that have you losing muscle instead of belly fat
  • Follow training programs with no progression or periodization
  • Pump yourself full of mysterious supplements that only drain your wallet and adversely affect your health
  • Perform cardio on on an empty stomach
  • Cut out all carbs from your diet, especially after 6pm
Stick with me just a few short minutes and I’ll reveal to you how you can finally go from REGULAR TO RIPPED!
Here's how and why I can make you this promise...  
My name is Rob Piscitello and I'm an expert body recomposition coach.
Here are a few quick things you should know about me:
I have a B.S. in Exercise Science from Hofstra University.
I'm a WBFF Pro Fitness Model and compete against the world's top physique athletes.
I'm an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.
I’m the owner of Built Fitness, a personal training business on Long Island, NY.
I’ve helped hundreds of clients ranging from professional athletes, army rangers, actors, top level executives to housewives and average guys who just want to get in awesome shape. All in all I’ve help a lot of people strip body fat, build lean chiseled muscle and get stronger than ever.
Now that I’ve introduced myself let me tell you who this program is NOT for before I reveal to you this little known method
Sorry, I can’t help you if you’re looking for…
  •  A magical fat burning pill
  •  A fat loss halting crash diet
  •  Dangerous and expensive drugs
  •  Hamster wheel cardio sessions
  • Testosterone plummeting workouts
  •  A Bodyweight home routine
  •  Cookie cutter generic programs
Before we get too far, let me show you my most recent GBC students after they SWORE they’ve tried every other program and diet out there.

“For the first time in my life I actually have abs”
"I really enjoyed the program and the attention to detail. Everything in the plan was laid out strategically. From the 3 different training phases that progressively got harder as I adapted, to the meal plans and food lists where you can create your own meals and make the diet sustainable for the long term."
"The pumps are amazing, I feel myself getting leaner and tighter by the day, and all my co workers are noticing the changes in my body and my confidence"
If You’re Looking To Lose Fat and Gain Muscle At The Same Time, 
This Information Is Critical...
WITH G.B.C. You Will…
  • Train using full body workouts
  • Follow a 12 week, 3 phase periodized program
  • Take only research proven supplements
  • Use a variety of rep ranges and tempo every workout
  • Save time with 45 minute workouts only 4x per week
  • Structure your nutrition so you build muscle while in a calorie deficit
  • Supercharge your #1 fat burning hormone - Growth Hormone
  • Alternate the intensity and volume of your workouts every 2 week
  • Train with multi joint movements and incomplete rest recovery periods
  • Become bigger and stronger while getting leaner
  • Eat carbs and still lose fat
What Exactly is The GBC Method?
German Body Composition Training is a full body strength training routine that produces the fastest fat loss and body recomposition results ever!

The secret behind GBC’s effectiveness is the structure of the strategic superset exercise pairings. You alternate between lower and upper body and anterior and posterior movements with interspersed big bang for your buck exercises.

This structure minimizes local muscle fatigue by alternating the opposing body segments, which allows you to train harder and heavier throughout your workouts.

This little understood exercise structure, combined with specific exercise tempos, incomplete recovery rest periods, and precise intensity and volume prescriptions, will maximize the bodies hormonal secretion and allow for the most potent fat burning and lean muscle building combination humanly possible!

With GBC you only lift 4 workouts per week for 45 minutes using only 4-8 exercises per workout. You’ll get really strong at these exercises and continuously increase your weekly output, which means more results really fast.
Let Me Tell You About A “Near Death Workout 
Experience” That Helped Me Uncover This
Groundbreaking Fat Loss Method... 
At least that's what I felt when I hit round 3, or else I wouldn't be here to share this… 
I’ll never forget my first time…
My forearms burning furiously, I could barely grip the heavy steel dumbbells any longer. Sweat was gushing down my forehead into my eyes, I could barely see...
Right before my heart was about to burst out of my chest I finish my last superset and abruptly crumble to the floor sucking for wind.
I hear the beep of my coach’s military grade G-shock watch as he starts the rest timer. 
“30 seconds left, you good, Rob?!” I couldn't tell him I had gassed out after just 3 supersets. I was still an intern at this point and needed to make a solid first impression. I dug deep and attacked the next series with everything I had left.
When I finished my body was in absolute metabolic shock! It took me a good 30 minutes and a post workout shake to finally drive home. 
This was by far the most brutal full body workout ever and I was hooked.
The Next day I asked my coach what the heck he put me through. I could still felt the heat steaming out of my body from the workout.
He told me it was a German Body Composition workout and explained the science behind its effectiveness, and how it’s one of his best-kept secrets for getting rapid transformation results.
He even showed his numerous client transformations to back it up. 

I then thought to myself, if these guys could do it, then why couldn't I? 
You see, at this point in my life, I was a full-fledged beer-funneling frat bro. Although I was having fun partying, I had zero confidence in myself and crippling anxiety because of how out of shape I was.

I was actually trying everything at the time to lose my fat and muscle up... I followed all of the mainstream fitness advice, but I had little results to show for it. Nothing was changing my body.
I was still skeptical at the time about trying a full German Body Composition Training program but I was desperate to transform my own physique...
I figured I had nothing to lose. I committed myself to full 12 week GBC cycle under my coaches mentorship. 
The results I achieved were nothing short of groundbreaking. It changed my approach to fat loss forever.

A Method Backed by Research
Originally based off of research from a German scientist who found and popularized the concept that the lactic acid pathway is superior for fat loss.

Through targeted exercise like the German Body Composition Training, blood lactate levels become elevated significantly. In response, your body's blood ph drops, and as a survival mechanism your body signals for a surge in growth hormone during exercise.
The Growth Hormone Link
What is Growth Hormone and how does it relate to GBC?
The rich and famous, the world's most elite athletes, and fitness models are all after it. It's a peptide based hormone produced in the pituitary gland deep within the brain. 

It is extremely potent at shrinking fat cells and stimulating lean muscle growth. 

It promotes a variety of benefits in the body including:
  • Muscle mass and strength increases 
  • Fat burning and weight loss
  • Better recovery and healing
  • Stronger bones
  • More stamina
  • Improved sex drive
  • Tightening of saggy skin and wrinkle reduction
Most call it the “Fountain of Youth”
The problem is that our levels begin to naturally decline the older we get and these amazing effects start to diminish
According to Dr. Sattler, professor of Medicine and Biokinesiology and his research conducted at the University of Southern California, he specifically noted that “Secretion of Growth Hormone levels decline during advancing years of life… These changes are associated with loss of vitality, muscle mass, physical function, together with the occurrence of frailty, central adiposity, cardiovascular complications, and deterioration of mental function.

In other words, our age related HGH drop makes us weaker, frailer, slower, fatter, and all with less energy. And on top of that we are lied to and told the ONLY way to boost this highly desirable hormone is through extremely expensive ($800-$2000/month) dangerous, and controversial injections.
So How Does it Relate to GBC?
Targeted training like the German Body Composition Method stimulates exercise induced growth hormone.  This GH then passes into your fat cells, shrinks them, then enters into your muscle cells and causes more muscle growth. 
Simply put, this GH boost maximizes fat burning and muscle building capabilities. You get all the benefits, regardless of your age, and without any of the high risks or costs from dangerous steroid injections.
Think of a HGH like an army general who makes the commands, and the hormone receptors sites are like soldiers which are all over the body that lay waiting for the signal.
Once they receive the command, they go to work and cause growth in targeted areas of the body.

In order for HGH “the General” to really be optimized, we need to have an “executive order” to turn on our hormonal switch. This is where the training using GBC method comes in.
Over the years I’ve coached hundreds of clients with GBC workouts and have refined this little understood style of training into my own method for getting amazing body recomposition
Let's Look at 2 Common Guys You See in The Gym
Using The G.B.C. Method Is Simple...
You want to be guy #2!
Test subjects who have done G.B.C. reported…
What Can You Expect When You Put G.B.C. Into Action The Next 12 Weeks?
  • Blast more fat than ever with full body training
  • Body composition results so powerful that your friends and family wont believe it!
  • No longer busting your ass in the gym with nothing to show!
  • Making pumped arms and ripped abs a daily event!
  • Getting regular compliments from your peers
  • Knowing exactly what to do every time you step in the gym
  • Shredding pounds of fat WITHOUT cardio
  • Becoming a physically and mentally stronger version of yourself
  • Getting second looks from the hottest girls you've laid eyes on!
  • And so much more!
Inside The G.B.C. Method You Will Discover:
  • Which exercises you must pair up for the fastest fat loss and muscle building
  • 9 unique training protocols for maximum body composition
  • How to increase your growth hormone up to 400% 
  • 7 essential tips to sleep like a baby and harness your hormones
  • 5 foundational supplements for a lean muscular body
  • 4 key nutrition strategies for fast fat loss
  • 8 enemies holding you back from unlocking your natural growth hormone
So Here's What you’ll be getting inside The GBC Method
You get the entire 12 week step by step program that is simple to follow and easy to implement. You can instantly download the entire program to your laptop/mobile phone and get started today and have lifetime access
  • 12 Weeks of Carefully Crafted, Easy to Follow Workout Programs - Train using full body routines to maximize fat loss and muscle building! Over the course of 12 weeks, you will go through 3 separate and different 4-week training phases. There are 2 programs to choose from depending on your skill level. In total you have 24 weeks of workouts!
  • Body Recomposition Nutrition Guide - Learn EXACTLY how to structure your nutrition so you actually build lean muscle while losing fat. I show you how you need to be eating to maximize your hormones, shed stubborn fat, and build rock hard muscle.
  • Definitive Supplement Guide - This guide will show you research-supported supplements to accelerate your body recomposition. I tell you exactly what to take to maximize your results and your budget.
  • Training Journal - A dedicated log for you to document your progress on a weekly basis to ensure you are progressing.
  • Quick Start Guide - A step by step guide telling you exactly what to do at every point over the next 12 weeks.
Here's How To Order Right Now
Go ahead and click the buy now button and you'll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we've talked about here and more! Let's get started right now!
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As you can see all the risk is squarely on my shoulders

To your success.... 

Rob Piscitello

B.S. Exercise Science
PICP Level 3
BioSignature Practitioner level2
WBFF Pro Fitness Model 

P.S. - Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow. Take action now and get in the best shape of your life!

Act now before the price goes up!
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